There's a show the guys walk around talking about how a man has to be in control of the relationship - is that how you feel?

People are always posting about how women like men to be in control. I usyally think its disinformation from way back passed along Bc men want an excuse to control everything.

I'm wondering if the writers if the show actually think this is how guys think ir they are trying to portray a stereotype of a certain " type" ..

all the women are literally stupid or morbidly obese or crazy or extremely weak willed or all. Even the woman working with them who is supposed to I guess be tough is very weak in her arguments and just sounds like she complains easily about everything. It's like fluorescent yellow stereotype. even if the writers thinks this represents some women they have chosen to leave out any reasonable members if the female population in as types. Like if you really acted like any of these women you could not hold down a job or function beyond maybe 6th grade level of independence. The only adult thing the women do is have sex. And even there it's usyally Bc some guy convinced them that's what they wanted.

The men other than being sexist, act relatively normal. Even the guys that are complete jokes socially are shown being ultra competent at their job... Often they are shown being odd socially in order to be excellent at their work.

It makes it seem as if this is just the way the writers see people or maybe how they see themselves. It does not look as if they are trying to portray anything about prejudice but rather simply illustrate how they see the world.

So it sparked my curiosity.

my quesyion is who out of the guys here wants to be in control of their rekationship with a woman. I'm not asking if you think that's all women want. I'm asking about you. Say the woman you like would like things either way. Would you choose to have control over the relationships as a " man"?
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I'm not talking about rape her or making her do horrible things I'm talking about leading and having the final say. Thinking of yourself as the dominating factor in the group.

Does it make you feel better about yourself to think of yourself as the control figure?
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Incan see why the writers would want to think of women as incompetent if they themslves wanted to have an excuse to be in control... so in that respect the dychotomy of male female behavior is developed. It's intersting that what we want how we want to feel be thought if behave ourselves, affects how we see others behavior
There's a show the guys walk around talking about how a man has to be in control of the relationship - is that how you feel?
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