Should I confront him or wait and give him space?

So me and this guy have been flirting on and off for a while. Here is a summary we've known each other for five months

Month 1: we meet & hangout. Flirt. We both obviously like each other.

Month 2: I ask him out. He kisses me and says let's start slowly but then changes his mind. he's not ready for a relationship. Says no more kissing, Wants to be focused on goals. Says when he's ready for relationship I'm just what he's looking for. He mentions he's had some pretty difficult relationships. He flirts a lot talks about our future togethet. we still kiss sometimes. We talk/text all the time.

Month 3-4: again says no more kissing and tells me he doesn't have a connection with me. At this point we are friends. No more kissing. Occasionally flirt. We are very close and see each other almost every day, talk every day. He shares with me a very personal List of feelings, experiences, quotes in his life. It's obvious what love is very important to him & so are goals.

Month 4: A few times in talking to me he mumbles I love you. Then eventually when hugging he tells me he loves me. I say I love you too. All hugs are very long.

Month 5: we have sex. After sex a little later he says let's keep it as friends. For the next couple days he doesn't initiate contact with me. I contact him. Usually we constantly contact eachother.

I invited him over for dinner via text but he dodged the question. At this point should hold off on initiating anything or try to talk to him about anything or just let him initiate anything?

He seems scared of something. Outside of that, despite the fact he calls it a friend, I'm pretty happy. we
A. Love each other
B. Have sex
C. Have fun together
What else do I want?
For Him to be comfortable.

FYI neither of us is into settling and we're both into adventure and I have no desire to be a distraction to his goals. If he needs to be focused he can just tell me and I'd be fine leaving him be. I've got my goals too afterall :)
Should I confront him or wait and give him space?
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