Married and cheating/drugs?

My husband and I have been married for 13 years with two kids. I recently found out that he was addicted to meth and slept with multiple women (no emotional affairs) over the years. Women from strip clubs, website and massage parlors. Multiple. On top of this, he spent hundreds of hundreds of dollars on drugs and women I am devasted and finding it hard to forgive. My kids have no idea of what's going on and he is a good father. He is now going sober, going to NA meetings, marriage counseling and wanting to make it work. I've lost all trust and completely depressed and just sick. I am questioning the marriage and would like your opinion on if you would leave or stay and start over?
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So, we have separated. The dust finally settled and I decided to have him move out. The kids are fine. He will be there for them no matter what. He still goes to meetings and working the program. I, however, have regained my strength and decided that he pushed me to fucking far. I read these messages and completely get it now. Thank you all for walking me through this. Time will tell now.
Married and cheating/drugs?
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