GUYS: How likely are you to try to get to know a mysterious, quiet, attractive girl?

Most guys tend to go after the girls who appear happy, outgoing, and confident. Are there guys who are genuinely interested in trying to get to know the quieter, mysterious girls who are confident but just not as outgoing? What "type" of guy generally likes this "type" of girl?


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  • -Guy says Hello to Shy girl
    -Shy girl gives tiny responses and dosent talk well as she's shy
    -Guy thinks shy girl just dosent care about him and isn't interested
    -Guy moves on to girl who responds better to him.

    If you want a guy to like you, Let him know you like him.


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  • There is this girl in my English class who I think is just wow. I wish I could describe my feelings but she barely talks and I never sit near her. Man she is gorgeous and I read her essay and she is smart too. Wifey material there.

  • She's intriguing, but she'll either run a mile if I do try to talk to her, or will be content being left alone and not be interested.

  • Do we have similar values and interests?


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