Guys, why does he keep on reaching out to his exes and high school friend (girl)?

When we were in a relationship I caught him with a secret Facebook account messaging his ex that he missed her. So I broke up with him. I had also found out that everytime me and him fought he would shit talk me to some girl from high school that he knew. I couldn't take it anymore believing that he is supposed to have my back and not down talk to me to random girls. When we broke up he cried and told me how he was so wrong for flirting with girls online and he was a changed person. I told him he's still friends with these girls who either he reached out to or the girl that tried to interfere in our relationship so that means he can't really be serious about us. So about 8 months later I allowed him to try to be friends with me again once he proved to me as best as he could that he was no longer in touch with them. During this period of hanging out we had an argument and decided space was best because things were just turning into the old unhealthy relationship ways and we needed to put distance to ensure nothing ruined what we were trying to fix. What does he do? He goes ahead and gets back in touch with his ex and that girl that tried to interfere in our relationship. When I found out I told him to not contact me again cause I don't respect him and said that he is not the type man I'm looking for and his character is not good. He stated how he felt we were supposed to be together and even his family feels that we are meant to be together. I told him not to contact me again and left feeling fine however, I don't understand why he would reach out to girls that he knows will permanently push me away and then cry about it? Why do the one thing that I won't tolerate? Obviously he had no respect and didn't really change. But why tell me that I'm wrong and that we are meant to be together when it's his actions that say otherwise?
Guys, why does he keep on reaching out to his exes and high school friend (girl)?
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