Why would a guy wait for a girl after class?

Today in my chemistry class I sat next to this guy I have gotten to know over the course of the school year. When class ended he got up and left the room while I stayed back to talk our teacher. As I exited the room, I noticed the guy had waited for me. The two of us walked together for a while before we were joined by a friend of mine I haven seen in a while. Out of habit, I deviated from the path the guy and I normally take to walk with my friend. Despite this change, the guy continued to walk with me. Eventually my friend left and the two of us were alone together again. It was silent for a little while until I picked up the conversation. From there, we walked all the way to our usual cafe where we would be joined by mutual friends of ours.

So, as the question states, why would a guy wait for a girl after class? Is it an indication of interest or not?

Now, later on when the two of us met up again, I accidentally rested my hand on his shoulder during conversation. Do you think he would take this as a sign of flirting?


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    I've "walked the hall" with every crush I've ever had. It's classic. Why else would he wait.
    And yes, he could've easily taken the physical contact as a sign of flirting especially if you don't normally do that.


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  • he likes you


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