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I got a guy I like something for Valentine's Day, and I had put anonymous on the from thing. These were being delivered at school, so I had ordered it on Tuesday. By Wednesday the guy knew... and so did basically everyone else. The worst thing? He said something about it during class when our teacher was just asking us if we had anything upsetting us that day. The guy decided to say that he had "attracted unwanted attention." He never mentioned me specifically, but everyone still knew. Apparently someone had told some of his friends who told him. I had told 5 girls and my best guy friend about it, but none of them would have told anyone. I have Spanish, Literature, and Music classes with him. Plus he and I are both on the academic team. I haven't directly talked to him since this happened, and there's a tension there that I absolutely HATE. I need to be able to cooperate with him before long, because the academic team regionals are coming up, and I'll be around him all day. I just need to be able to act casual around him, even though I still like him but also want to kick him in the shin at the same time. Help please.
Also, I catch him looking at me sometimes, but that may be just awkward eye contact. Little help needed with that too.


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  • Fuck him. If he is such an intellectual midget that he can't handle it in private with graciousness, then he's not worth any of the attention he seems to feed on.
    You're better off focusing on things that matter. He certainly isn't one of them.
    Go kill it on the regional and show that you have the heart and the brains to succeed.


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  • Yeah it definitely seems like he doesn't like you at all. Especially since he practically called you unwanted attention. 😂😂 That's pretty funny! You must be ugly! 😂😂

    • Omfg! I'm so sorry! Someone has hacked my account and is sending rude comments to everyone.

Valentines Day

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  • just talk to him and you'll be fine

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