He touches my stuff A LOT?

This guy talks to me a lot, we tease, mess around and can be mean and nice to each other.
I noticed that he likes to touch my things a lot! He would take my things and say he'll borrow then give it back. He'll ask me to borrow stuff and other times he'll just touch whats on my desk like a pencil, and just touch and leave it.


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  • Maybe it's a sort of primitive animal thing where he's like marking territory. lol

    • Nah seriously though I'm almost 100% @TadCurious is correct. its kids like letting all the other guys know he has dibs and already on the pursuit.

    • haha, his territory? haha

    • @Asker Just be glad he's not spraying his urine all over your stuff like a male cat that hasn't been neutered. lol

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  • whats the question?

    • sorry, i realized i wasn't that clear. I just wanted to know why this guys always touches my stuff lol

    • I don't know, its creepy and weird!

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  • Your stuff or "your stuff" ?

    • my stuff like paper, binder, folder, pencil

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