If you notice a guy's eyes softening towards you, is that a good thing?

He's been rude, (somewhat), and maybe even friendly, to the extent that I've completely forgotten he's a 'guy'.

One time this other guy was sort of bothering me, so he was watching the entire scenario, but his eyes later softened towards me when I was flustered.

Was it just concern as a friend?
Was that the first time he started looking at me as a girl or something? He's been sort of sweeter since
Why do guys eyes soften towards girls?


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  • Yes Because that means he is safe and trust you..


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  • Probably yes, just a concerned friend. Lol but it could have meant more, :D

    • I'm not sure he understood what was going on lol, I saw the guy from afar who was bothering me, and when he passed my way my voice choked up, and I started getting uncomfortable, (he's a jerk).

      The other guy was watching him walk away, and then later on he was being kind of nice... not sure whether he just thought me and the other guy were fighting, or started looking at me as a 'girl,' when I was acting all uncomfortable and his protective instincts kicked in

    • I don't know either. Lol now my brain hurts

    • Aha yeah my story telling style does that to people.

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  • OMG he's catching the feels! You go girl!

    • But I didn't mean him to catch anything lol, I was just really bothered by the other guy.

      I thought he just felt a bit of compassion for me, I didn't really think he started liking me

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    • Ha ha no worries, thanks for your help :)

    • No problem :)

  • Yes! It means you touched his heart

    • He was being kind of nicer too.

      Hmm touched his heart? As a friend, right?

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