How can I know if this guy is a player?

Well this guy would tell me I'm beautiful and would find a way to hold my hand. I once joked and said my girlfriends not here today (that's what I call my best friend), and he said "It's ok your boyfriends here" and then he hugged me tightly. We talk every other day. I noticed one of my friends was been acting weird around me and this guy. She would try to keep me away from this guy and say this is my wife in a joking way. But today after this guy hugged me in the hall (it was a very tight hug and I didn't expect it), my friend later followed me and told me to stay away from him because she said he was a player. So how can I find out if he is one, and how can I play him too?


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  • being a player in school myself, i will usually find girls who lack self confidence and smother them with attention for a week, then go dark for a while. and they will always wonder why im not talking anymore. if he is giving you too much attention then either he is clingy or he might be playing with your emotions. how long has he been flirting or are you dating?

    • Well we're not dating but he has been flirting with me since September. We where on a shooting team together and we talked a lot, even in class since he chose to sit by me at the beginning of the year. I had a little crush on him but I still treated him like a friend since I didn't have the courage to flirt back. He gave me his number last weekend and I didn't text him. He also would write in my agenda to get my attention I guess.

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    • no one can give someone attention 24/7 so what she may call ignoring may be just him doing his own thing. and typically a guy who likes a girl will act different around them. yeah just keep doing your thing for a while and watch him a bit. good luck and if you decide to try with him again and he gets too physical sexually with you in a short time, then he is a player. players try to get with girls as soon as they can without commitment, make him earn it though commitment and commitment only.

    • Ok, thanks for the advice. I'll know by this week probably.

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