Is he in limbo?

He's said i'm the mistress of mixed messages. He said that i'll act one way then have a mood swing and annoy him, he says i'm volatile yet he says he still likes me but i've made it impossible for him to think about a relationship yet he then asked me for dates since but I change the subject. After telling him I don't feel a connection anymore within seconds of flirting with him... yet flirted with him then again days later... he's cut off all contact with me even though I want to stay friends. My friends say he's constantly in limbo and i'm confusing. Is he in limbo? Does he want me even though he's cut me off? Has he cut me off because i don't let him know I actually like him?


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  • What is limbo

    • It means he doesn't know where he stands, back and forth, back and forth, etc... we were going round in circles basically. Never moving forward.

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