What do these things imply when he kisses me?

1. He feels my back and grabs me tightly
2. Kisses on the neck
3. Rubs my boobs and starts moaning as we french kissed
4. Rubs his stubble on my cheeks


Most Helpful Guy

  • Guys aren't soft creatures. We're hairy and rough, and actually enjoy how soft women are.

    He clearly enjoys your company, but the neck kissing and back-grabbing insinuates he wants you to enjoys his.

    Can't offer more than that. Not sure what you're asking specidically for.


Most Helpful Girl

  • That he's really into you and loves kissing you. These things are super hot and a good indication of more happening


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  • he's probably hopign for you to catch on and go to escond, third, whatever base.
    can't ever seem to remember which base is which O. o


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