If a guy avoids you, could he possibly like you?

Or just disgusted by you?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, it's a strange way of behaving around someone you like but I've seen this happening already. In the other hand, she could feel disgusted too. That's why I think that ignoring isn't effective at all to get effective results.

    • Well to me, he avoids sitting near me but he smiled at me and told me as joke about our friend. So I am confused lol. (This is after making him a very emotional Valentine's card).

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    • Right? Why do people do this? Crazy people. :p

    • Maybe they don't know how to behave around some people for whatever the reason. If they do like the person they're ignoring, probably they don't have the guts to do anything and avoid so that this person can't find out. Yeah, crazy is a good way to define it.

Most Helpful Girl

  • if he is avoiding you. get the point woman! fuck guys legit! my fucking ex blocked me after i reached out to him 2 months of no contact!! he didn't reply or anything just blocked me!

    • Its not that easy! He didn't block me though :p

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    • we will know once you back off a bit. lets see how he reacts. dont chase him let him do the chasing and one thing always remember never tell a guy about your feelings for him unless he tells you so! i have learned this the hard way!!!

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  • nice username lol:P

    some of them actually do... either shy, intimidated, or they just dont want to like u and trying to get over u.
    maybe they think ur out of their league, orrrr maybe this is exactly what he wants- to keep u guessing.


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