Why do guys find dating girls who are their siblings age or younger to be weird?

I recently heard from a few guys, one being a crush, another my brother, and the last a group of guy friends who all said, in some way or another, that dating a girl who is the same age or younger than his sibling to be creepy and that they wouldn't do it. To clarify, none of thier siblings are under 18 and most of the men I talked to were 22-28, some of them had Irish twins (born about 10 months after) and the furthest distance between them and a younger sibling was 3 years.

Now I understand that age is a big deal when you're in high school, but is it still a big issue for guys in their twenties-thirties or is it a strange phenomenon in my locale?

Personally, I think the mental maturity, as long as it is a healthy and legal relationship, is more important than if the person is a similar age as a sibling.

What do you think?


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  • I suppose that if you've always had a younger sibling then seeing people younger than that would highlight how young they are, but that's not a problem for me. I do have a younger sister who's 20, she's basically a grown-ass woman, I don't think I should mind dating girls her age and I don't. If it's legal to have a relationship with a girl and I like her, then it's fine with me.

    I don't see what those guys are getting worked up about.


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  • Because you really realize how young the person is. That's why so many guys who chase little girls aren't the ones with little sisters the same age.


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