Guys, did he truly love me?

I broke up with my b. f this weekend because of our distance and trust issues.

He pleaded with me not to give up on him but I just couldn't deal with the issues we had anymore.

He said that he never loved anyone like he loves me, he never expressed his loved for anyone (including his mother, sisters etc) like he has done with me. He did show that he cared for me a lot. He said he's obsessed with me, will always be in love with me and will always try to get me back.

He messaged me on Facebook after the break up and I blocked him, did not respond to him. I haven't blocked his number yet, he hasn't tried to reach out since I blocked him. I feel that I made the right decision in breaking up with him, but I don't know.


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  • obvi he loves you, but you have to remember that you rroke up with him for a reason


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