Crush flirts with another girl?

I've had a long time crush on this coworker and I was convinced that he liked me back. I am very shy so I never said anything and did not show a whole lot of interest. I did talk to him and smile at him though.

I would catch him staring at me ALL the time. He would always look away quickly when I caught him. He would do me favors, be really polite towards me, and try to start conversation with me. He seemed to be kind of nervous sometimes and trip over stuff and act clumsy and he normally is not like that.

For months now, he has been acting really rude to me. He stopped making his staring obvious, but I still see him looking at me all the time from a distance (I'm really sneaky). He completely ignores me most times. He acts like I don't exist. He is normally really confident and outgoing then he acts like a completely different person around me. He doesn't talk or smile when he's alone with me. I say hi and he ignores me. Now he always flirts with this other coworker of mine who is super outgoing. He is so confident and outgoing and cool around her. I'm jealous because she gets to hang out with the awesome him and he is just rude to me.

So today I saw them flirting and I got pissed for second before deciding to let it go. So I was looking at them for a second and I kind of gave a dirty look... then he was staring at me the rest of the day. He even tried to start a conversation with me multiple times that day and I kind of just ignored him cause I'm sick of his games. Also, I'm pretty sure he's never had a gf before. He is not your typical "hot jock/player". If he really wants female attention that bad he can get it elsewhere. It just sucks cause i really like this guy. He's the only guy i've liked. I just wanna know why he is behaving this way and why can't he just be polite/normal with me as coworkers? And what should I do? I've just been acting cold but polite since we have to work together..


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  • did you ever showed him any sort of interest? it's obvious you know he liked you at some moment but did you ever let him know you liked him back to some extent? did you touched his shoulder or his arm or no psychical contact ever? the small talks ever went a bit personal at least or just work or casual conversations? you see, a guy gets tired if a girl does not correspond after a while. the other girl was outgoing and fun to be with, she probably showed him trust and openness so easily got the best of his personality while you never did that and only get him to shut down if that was the case


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  • It's kind of your own fault for not expressing interest. He tried to get to you but you were not really forthcoming - so he thought that you were playing hard to get. Now you just have to deal with the fact that he took interest in some one else and you have to move on.

  • Hit on him dress sexier, play with your hair make eyecontact bite you lip once in a while


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