He didn't text back?

I was messaging this guy i have been talking to for a few months.

He sent a message, I sent a pic via snapchat & then he opened it and never replied - it now been about 4 days

It was totally casual and flirty between us & I don't think I did anything really to upset that balance, i just enjoyed chatting & wasn't expecting anything. Out last convo had x's in it & ;) faces so he seemed into it...


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  • If a guy has not text back it is usually because he has lost interest.

    • But so suddenly, he seemed interested before that & it was just after Valentine's & he'd just said happy Valentine's day to me (completely initiated by him)?

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    • Well we'll see what happens. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated! :)

    • You are welcome. :)

  • So he stopped replying after he opened your pic. SO its obvious, he didn't like the way you look. This doesn't mean you're not good looking, but maybe just according to his preference.

    • But i've sent pictures before, met up with him, slept with him a while back even?

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    • Fingers crossed!
      Grateful for the help, thanks! :)

    • You're most welcome!

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