Does this guy sound into me?

We went on our second date today I'd say but it was only a lunch. So far the positives
1. He seems very happy to be around me (smiling)
2. He is very flirtatious over text.
3. He initiates us meeting
4. He already made plans for us to see each other again next week
5. In his car on our first date he told me he doesn't know how the "dating" thing works so I should forgive him if he's not good. I took this as a sign of him implying we are in the dating phase (I could be wrong?)
6. He doesn't seem too eager to rush into things physically wise. Like other guys would ask me to hang out at their place. This guy chooses restaurants to hang out which is a nice change.
7. He asks out about my life.

The bad...
1. He doesn't text me that often. This worries me a lot for some reason...
2. I only got a hug today with no kiss (we were in a very public place and his friend was waiting for him so maybe that's why but I don't know.. we kissed last time and was hoping for that *sad face* )
3. He seemed pretty rushed today. I don't know why... it just felt like he was in a rush :/
4. He doesn't hold my hand yet (too soon?)
5. He only planned our next meeting for next Friday 0_o we are students at uni and a quick hour here and there isn't too difficult to plan. I feel like he doesn't wanna see me or that he doesn't miss me cause I'm sure if he missed me he'd want to do something sooner :'(

I'm really into this guy like a looot.
So please... does this guy sound like he likes me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • He definitely sounds in to you to me. None of the bad things listed seemed bad to me. Some people don't text very often, it would feel awkward to kiss in a very public to me anyway, him being rushed doesn't neccessarily say anything negative, I wouldn't worry too much about the holding hands thing. You could just reach and grab his hand if you go out walking together.

    He probably wasn't sure when to plan to hang out so he probably picked a day that worked for sure even if it was a little ways out. He might feel like if he plans everything really quickly that you might be annoyed by that. Just my thoughts anyway


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What Guys Said 3

  • Yes he likes you, and he's on pins and needles around you as well as willing to openly admit it. He's afraid to push to far too fast, and you might think that HE thinks you're easy. Basically he's really into you and trying to build things up. Been there myself, and he's even openly admitting it was a date!

  • yes he likes you sounds like he needs little warming up more to you

  • You are so attractive and cute like a baby


What Girls Said 2

  • ... He doesn't seem too eager to rush into things physically wise...
    And with this, XRabbitHeartX, also means, Getting into a Real Relationship right away. He is taking his time, not hurrying nor scurrying into anything serious at this point in time, and the times you do have together, he will be slowly nursing and nurturing what you have started as he gets to know you more.
    With not getting a lot of messages on his end and no display of attention in public, is showing me he doesn't want any strings attached right now nor to explain you, even to his friends. He is not ready nor raring to do this.
    He is going slow so it's best to follow this lead with Joe and go with his flow.
    Good luck. xx

    • After our first date we watched series at his place and we cuddled and kissed :)) His brother saw us together (cuddling) and he introduced me to his roommates as well as this friend who I mention in my post.

      But thank you for your advice.

    • Yes, all good signs but with this, he is taking his time and going slow... I mentioned the other things, for you are saying there are other signs (You didn't mention up above but just now) that is showing me he is taking his time to be sure. xx

  • Yes, he likes you. Like a lot. The 'bad things' I wouldn't look at as bad at all. It just seems like he's taking it slow. He's not rushing things.


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