What type of guy would be intersted in me?

I am 5.5/ F/ wear glasses/ wear mostly sweat pants or t-shirts/ been depressed for more than 4 years but finally get out of it/doesn't have many friends/ struggle in school/interested and studies in health or nutrient. In the future, I want to move to the country/city like. I value nature and I plan to do some hiking in the future. I want to live a peaceful but meaning full life. I am emotional and in love with just feeling nature. I value physical fitness and I plan to maybe have kids when I am 35. I enjoy pop punk - rock songs. Well, what type of guy would be interested in me. I am currently in community college and have made only few firends but I rarely see them so I am a bit alone. Lastly, I really value loving one self and I am curently trying to love and express me more. I love birds.
Also, I am 30 pounds overweight!
So, what type of guy would that be?


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  • Uh, what? Look, narrow it down a bit okay? Be focused on you. If you're aware you're 30 pounds overweight, maybe find a hobby or something. I ride bikes. Really. And you know what? 30 pounds overweight probably isn't that bad. So it's more of a health thing than anything (you said you value physical fitness, I'm saying find something fun!).

    Do what you do, relax, enjoy life. You're only 19, so relax. There's all kinds of time for things to change!

    • lol I am changing... or a work in process... just wondering... so I can easily spot guy that could possible be interested in me. So, that I can ask him out if I ever meet someone like me.

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    • Thanks Mr. I guess I am still growing.

    • Don't worry, there's a great life to be lived and you're just starting! Also, depression can be a real issue, so even if right now you feel like it's behind you, don't be afraid to get help if it comes back! I hope this has helped.

      -Mr. PeopleThingy

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  • Any type of guy would fall for you, seriously. Cause trust me, guys are bored of that party animal who drinks a lot, wants to hang out everyday and all. Any possible guy could fall for you if you do it the right way, so don't limit yourself. Just be true to yourself. :)

  • How old are you


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