Do guys ever want to be just friends?

If they initate the friendship does it mean they like her or they just think she’ll be a good friend?


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  • If she is "ahem unattractive ahem" then we would be just friends. But i would have to think she would be a good friend too of course. But i am going to be 100% honest here, if u are considered good looking, the only guys who are your friends are either trying to become more than friends... or gay.

    • lmao.. good answer. I think i'm might be a little more than decent. lol

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    • thanks. by the way, I don't think i'm super goodlooking just not ugly.

    • No problem. Don't worry I'm sure one day u will find a guy that thinks u are ugly! Lmao it seems like this conversation is really backwards

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  • I think the situation is what the girl wants. I have one female friend I would never date because of choices she's made in the past. And a newer friend that I would only date if she approached me about it. I know she likes having male friends and I don't industry being that and only that. Also some people just don't click as couples. :)

  • Of course there are guys who want to be just friends. But like any type of relationship it needs to be what BOTH people want. One cannot be secretly wanting more while pretending to be just friends.


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