He wanted to see me in whaaaaaaat? But I'm on the chubby side... I think he's attracted to me. What do you guys think?

I'm going to the club thing where you dress all country. I was telling my guy friend about it and he said to wear some short shorts... He said he wanted to see me in them... But I'm on the chubby side here.. And he said its because he's a guy but don't most guys like thin and fit girls? Is he attracted to me?


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  • He likes what you've got and wants you to share it with him. Don't concern yourself with what an average man's stereotyped average turn ons are supposed to be.
    Your very real guy really does like what you really do have. That is part of why he is with you.
    A man gets frustrated when the woman in his life won't accept his word on his own attractions/turn ons. Believe him. That is all.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hey... Come on... He wouldn't have asked you to if he didn't mean it... Oh and please WAKE UP... He is of course totally into you.


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  • Yes, he's clearly attracted to you.

  • Yes... classic Chubby Chaser.


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