GUYS do you hate when your ex keeps texting you?

Say if you still love her and she loves you, and she keeps texting you and you're not replying but she keeps texting you and saying she loves you and she is sorry would you eventually reply or would you keep ignoring her?


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  • Keep ignoring her or send her a text telling her we are broken up and leave me the fuck alone and to lose my number. I obviously don't still lover her if I don't care about replying to her hundreds of text. That shit would be so annoying.


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  • If we still loved each other, we wouldn't be apart.
    personally all feelings I have for my partner, drop when they become my ex.
    they message me, I reply basically.
    They even mention "us"
    I block them as it's cm not what I wanna hear

  • I feel like this is a really juvenile and silly question for a 30+ year old woman to be asking.

    • I'm 30 and it's just a question geez

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