The guy I'm talking to/messing around with is great but... he's pretty conceited. Could I get him to stop or is it futile?

when we are together, he doesn't really ask about me but openly and kinda nonstop talked about himself and his experience.

he mentioned he has stories about his ex and his hard times to tell me. now I go to him and say "isn't that rather one-sided?" cause we were alluding to both of our previous relationships. he says people usually aren't open to, well, being open, and I claim he has to actually ask; not everyone feels the need to talk about it without someone asking.

I personally don't feel comfortable talking about myself like he does - I don't like coming off conceited like he does because I don't consider myself such.

he also talks about his high school writing accomplishments and how he's good looking and smart and such. I'm sitting here, like, oh-kay.

now I've been trying to allude to his vainness but he's so thick headed.

how could I get him to maybe be less like this? or am I being a typical girl wanting to change a guy when I really can't?

tl;dr - guy I'm talking to it vain. I want him to be less but is that possible?


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  • No matter what you say to him, it's who he is and he's not gonna change.


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