How do I know what he wants?

There is a guy I have been hanging out with for a while now and he is in a relationship as am I but my boyfriend and I are on a break right now, but he shows that he has feelings for me and has even told me that he has said feelings. We have done things together that we shouldn't have especially for him. He always tries to get me to keep doing those things and gives me hints from whispers in my ear to holding me close. How can I tell if he is just trying to get something from me?


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  • I think it will be hard to tell because sometimes people play games. And sometimes taking a risk can be a good or bad choice. If you did cave in to him who is to say that he may act weird or funny the next day. But I think their could be different ways you can test him without giving in to what he wants.

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    • I have done that before because I really actually wasn't feeling well. And he ended up skipping his class and went and got me a tea and sat with me instead of going to his classes.

    • Wow he actually did that? That is good. Maybe his feelings could be running deep. But I think you still should be cautious and careful. But if he missed class for you then that is a good sign and a good thing it shows he cares for you.

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