Guys and the disappearing act?

Okay guys so why is it when a guy is really interested in you, rings all the time, says he really likes you, sees use going far then disappears, takes days to tb, never rings and yet when asked still says he really likes you? And wants you? Has he Lost interest? Or playing? the mind is boggeld.


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What Guys Said 1

  • How much did you reciprocate in all of this? Too little and guys tend to move on.

    • The same amount as him, when he dissapeard I let him, I wasn't clingy but I told him I liked him just as much as he said he liked me, it's just frustrating not knowing to give up or wait, thankyou for replying though.

    • Yes, that's strange of him. I understand the confusion.

What Girls Said 1

  • He has prioritized other things over the girl, which would indicate that he doesn't value her much.. and isn't interested in maintaining the same amount of effort he was originally putting into the relationship. He probably liked the chase and when he knows the girl wants him, he isn't that fussd about her.


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