Do guys notice girls hairy faces often?

I don't mean like massive bush on their lip lol, but when they have the thin blonde peach fuzz thing that you can't really see unless the sun hits it just right.
I personally notice it on some people much more than others, some people you can't even really see it, but one day you can kinda see the outline of it or something. Some people i seen have dark hair and don't get rid of it or bleach it though :s


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  • I'd suck it out one by one if that's ur concern.


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  • I hope not. I shave mine now because it worries me so much.

    • Actually I read somewhere that if you shave your face daily, it gets dead skin cells off more and gives you better looking younger skin. Apparently Marilyn Monroe used to do it lol. So you're killing two birds with one stone. I'm scared to shave my face though... stubble might come up. Maybe it's different with fine hair...

    • I pluck any chin hair, but shave my upper lip when it grows back. Takes like two seconds and makes me 100% more confident.

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