How to tell if he likes you?

I've read so many articles in Cosmo etc about this, but they're always written by women. So guys, how can a girl tell if you like her? Not the obvious things like holding her hand or staring, but the subtle things. Things that she may not notice. I'm also curious about whether things girls tend to take as signs are actually signs - like if he replies to a text instantly does that mean he likes you? If he doesn't text first does that mean he doesn't like you. So, how can a girl know?


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  • If he replies quickly then he probably will or would always help you with stuff and take you side in an argument between friends ie what's the best TV show

  • Please don't read Cosmo. My girlfriend used to subscribe and I read a lot of the article just for amusement. They have the worst and most inaccurate info about men.


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