Why would he do this?

My guy friend and I are pretty close and really good friends, but, recently, he hasn't answered any of my texts. It seems like mine are the only ones he doesn't answer because he'll say something along the lines of "I was texting someone last night" and he'll occasionally answer texts during class.

Why would he start ignoring my texts out of the blue?


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  • Ask him that. He might not want to talk to you.


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  • why don't go up to him and ask him? I mean if you keep texting him stupid messages, and stuff that doesn't really matter. Its just going to be annoying him. Is there really any need to be text him everyday, because if my close friend was texting me everyday, I would just ignore the texts as well. You have remember he has a life of his own, and it doesn't revolve around you.

    I would suggest you stop overthinking why he is not texting, and start finding another things to do with your time.

    To be honest, there could be 100 reseasons for not texting you back, I don't know him, so my guess would just as good as yours. If I was in your shoes, go and speak to him. Its called developing social skills. Sorry to be so horrible to you, buts I just saying how it is.

    • I don't text him "stupid things". I text him once of twice a week with the intention of having a conversation with him or a question about something.

      I'm aware that he has a life, but, as I mentioned, he answers most people and ignores me. I'd think that, if he has enough time to answer them, he has enough time to answer me.

      As for speaking to him, I can't confront people without shaking and crying. I'd rather not have that happen at school.

    • Then all I can say, then he is not really much of friend. The only thing I can think of, is he may have feelings for you, and is distancing himself from you, which common thing people do nowadays. Guys do this, they start developing feeling for the friends that girls. The is only thing that springs to mind. If does come round soon, i would just suggest, that find other friends.

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