If a guy purposely walks the long way to walk by you, does he like you or does he want your attention?

Because they're too different things


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  • He's just being nice. Don't read too much into it. I would walk the long way home from class to walk girls home and had no romantic interest in them WHATSOEVER. Just making sure she gets home safe and sound with some company along the way.

    • Hmm but he's not walking with me he's walking by me.

      As in, taking the long way to say hi, not taking the long way to drop me off

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    • Then you're convinced that he likes you so why ask?

    • Okay what do you think after I've told you the situation, still say he was just being nice? You're the guy so you may know what he's thinking

What Girls Said 1

  • he wants your attention. my guy used to purposely go to the gym every day at 5 because he knew id be there at that time lol

    • Ha ha but I was sitting with another dude, why would he do that in front of him?

      Another time a guy walked by me four times with his GIRLFRIEND, it was so obvious he was trying to get my attention, but I figured he probably doesn't like me if he's doing it in front of her

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    • trust me on this. guys are obvious creatures. if he wants u, u will know. for now just let him figure it out and good luck :)

    • Ha ha okay, I'll keep that in mind thanks :)

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