How do guys feel about hearing about other guys?

In my 6th period class, i sit in front of the guy i like. So today, i was talking to my friend about the type of guys i like, listing actors saying 'i like his personaltiy' or 'he's cute,' and i noticed the guy i like kept turning his head a little. He kept looking back and forth. Does this mean anything?
And how do guys normally act when they hear a girl they like talking about other guys?


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  • We feel a bit like we're being cheated on. Though it's nothing serious, you will never attain any positive feedback from him because of what you're doing.

    If you want to give him ideas of what kind of guys you like, don't bring up any specific people/ actors. Just say what you like in guys in general. Also, try to refrain from saying things that obviously don't describe him; in most cases he will NOT change just to fit your description and when he does it's only temporary. The only thing you'll end up doing is make him think that you like someone who's obviously not him.


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  • They get uncomfortable


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  • Guys generally don't like hearing about other guys from a girl. Especially if they like her.


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