Any opinions on how to come back from this one?

So I've been talking to/sleeping with this guy. We talk every night since we both work night shifts. Whenever we have free time we hook up and hang out. I'm pretty sure there are feelings on both ends from the way he's been talking to me lately, but that's not something I'm completely sure about. He's a total sweetheart. Last night we were talking and he asked if I was upset that he didn't want to cuddle the other night. And I really wasn't but I also wanted him to know pretty much that I'm not going to wait around forever and play whatever game he is playing. so I told him that he was just a guy and that they all come and go and that if i really wanted to cuddle that badly there are tons of guys who would be up for it in a heartbeat. And I had told him that for all I know he could be sleeping with another girl on the side. I think I made him kinda mad. I got a reply back that said 'What do you think I don't understand? I get it yet I am not with anyone.' Any opinions on how to come back from this one? I definitely didn't mean to push him away but he needs to know that my life doesn't revolve around him and I'm not gonna wait forever.


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  • He's saying he's not with anyone else.. And he's only being with you at the moment.. Ask him if he wants to see other people. Then say you don't want to, and just say it's not all about sex for you. See what he says.. Guys aren't good at communicating and you have to drive it all. Otherwise you won't get anywhere

  • Just tell him that you have feelings for him. Don't play games and try to push buttons.


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