How do you know if a guy only wants to be friends?

I was really into this guy, and we started "talking" but we only had one date I kinda kept talking to him hoping he'd ask me out but he never did, now looking back I know he's not into me. However we spent months on the phone talking about a lot of deep stuff I told him a lot about myself, we lost touch ( last year). Later he appoligised via social media if he "played me" then he gave me his number so we started talking again, few weeks ago, I really liked him before and I thought he liked me and why else would ne give me his number if not to reconnect possibly ask me out, its been like 3 weeks he hasn't & I guess re-analyzing what he said in conversation with my mom he's actually not as into me as I want or thought. He also said "he feels sorry for me cuz I'm confused" But I don't know why he said that. I had told him I was at a Dr apt & his reply was less than sensitive, I said "I guess you don't give a fuck" his reaction to that was that I "flipout for no reason" Clearly to me I was upset he wasn't more caring. My question is should I just move on & not talk to him, and how can u REALLY know a guy isn't interested fully. I hate that I really like him & wasted that time but I guess that's life.


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  • If he talks about other girls in front of you


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