Was this pizza guy hitting on me?

So he delivered pizza to my apartment, a couple of times, the last time he came he stank of cologne, and he was asking me how many roommates I had, where I was from originally, whether my exams were going okay, stuff like that.

Was he hitting on me?

I think he seemed like a University going guy himself, probably doing the job part-time


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  • Sounds like he liked you does not mean he was trying to pick you up

    • Isn't it a little weird for a pizza guy to be getting so friendly? Especially asking about my background and stuff...

    • Well you know those kind of movies and the Pizza man

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  • He was hitting on you because people who deliver food aren't suppose to be asking such personal questions. No matter what. If anything I'd call it harassment because it was unexpected and he could possibly delivering your order on purpose.

    • I felt a tad bit creeped out too, but because he seemed nice I didn't want to embarrass him.

      The cologne part was especially fishy who puts cologne on when ordering pizza

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    • Really? Like through a pay phone

    • That would work, but there is something like *69 and then the number, or you can go into your call settings on your phone and make your number private if you call from a cellphone.

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  • Sounds like he is, I have experience as a deliver guy and do get use to people I deliver to sometimes getting friendly if they are. It makes the job a bit more bearable like when I get to know people as a bartender

  • He works on tips. When I delivered, I was making $5 an hour. He's just trying to make more tips

    • Could be.

      But he's been kind throughout, at one point he showed up without proper change, so he left the food with me and went back and got more change.

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    • No they're not allowed to give out change for $50 but that's all I had so he had to go back to get more than $20 change which is what he had

    • Not that I am some cheap attention-seeking girl who wants his attention, I am just curious whether he was or wasn't.

      Sometimes in situations like that I'm confused as to whether to be stern or just polite, because it could just be politeness.

      My friend said don't engage in any conversations if you see the guy again, he'll nderstand

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  • He might've just been trying to be friendly. since he's seen you a handful of times he probably wants to be more aquainted.


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