Guy doesn't text back when I suggest we finally meet in person?

READ: Basically, we met online. Texted everyday for the past two months. He always took hours to reply, sometimes a day, but our messages were always very long and full of thoughtful topics and sweet words. I've been out of town for about a month (we live in the same city), and i texted him saying I think we should do something when I land in the next two weeks. This was four or five days ago and I haven't heard anything. He mentioned last month how much easier it would be to get to know each other in person within a few hours (as opposed to text), so why hasn't he replied. He said, and I quote, "nervous that I might have gained more of a reverence for you than you for me." & "talking with you really is something to indulge in compared to any other conversation" & "You really have no need to be nervous, I'm pretty well smitten" & he came up with a sweet nickname for me (dove). He had been talking about how much better his social life is recently (as opposed to when we 1st talked and his friends were lazy and he was hopeless), this probably has something to do with it. But CMON. Someone make me feel less shitty about this, and maybe help me to understand why he wouldn't reply after the history of his messages to me please and thanks
*Should I text him, or not? If so, when?


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  • Maybe he's somehow afraid of meeting you in person, it's really strange he hasn't replied back since he was the one who suggested it earlier. I think you should text him again and see if you get an answer.


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  • Maybe he's Catfishing you? My philosophy is if you can't video chat, don't bother. Have you guys video chatted?
    If so maybe he's just really nervous that you might be disappointed or something. If it's his social life thing, try to make a group date kinda thing. His friends, maybe some of yours. That way he'll be hanging out with his friends and get to meet ya.


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  • Don't text him anymore, don't chase someone that clearly doesn't want you


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