Why won't a guy?

Take a pic with his gf? The guy I like has no pic of him and his ex. Did he ever like her? I just find this weird but he only has pics of the food they ate together which he has not deleted on his ig. He had one pic of her that was her own pic of herself he posted on ig and when I told him I like him he deleted it and deleted her off all his social media. Should I trust this guy or is he a dog that would so the same to me? The back story is that we pretty much have been each other's crush since 2013 and we never got the courage to talk to each other than he starts dating his now ex and since I told him about my liking him he gets rid of her. Did he ever like this girl? Or is he a player because if he had true feelings for her he would not up and beat feet for me which he barely even knows


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  • There's a third possibility here. Does he take many pictures of himself? Does he have many pictures with friends? Maybe he doesn't like to be in pictures.

    If the third possibility is false, then I think you should worry. Not wanting to be seen with a person you're commited with is weird and the behavior is likely to be repeated in my opinion, but we can't be sure.

    • Good point. And he has no problem taking pics with his friends so that can't be the case

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  • My bf and have been together over a year and we literally have only 1 picture of us together. Some people just do not like having their picture taken and when you get two of them together there's just not going to be many couple pics of them, if any.
    Also he may have deleted her from his profile because he doesn't want you to accidentally think they are together anymore.


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  • Sounds like he wants to start fresh and clean up his social media. He only wants people to see him as being with you, not anyone else, even in the past.

    I don't see why it should be a point of mistrust. What pictures he keeps on display after breaking up is his choice I think, and I'd hope you're not planning on breaking up at this stage either.

    I purged myself of all of my ex's pictures, and a lot of other memorabilia that made it harder to move on from her. Getting over an ex and moving on can be hard, so please don't judge him for doing what he found necessary in order to give himself to you in full.


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