GUYS: What would you do?

Say you've had a thing with a girl for a few months. By a thing I mean y'all flirt and stuff but nothing has happened yet and the situation still seemed unclear on either ones intentions. But you like her and she liked you back but for whatever reason you hadn't made a move. if you planned to make a move but then find out she just got into a relationship...

How would you feel?
What would you do?
Would you still consider dating her later, maybe if her relationship didn't work out?


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  • I would feel like crap. I would probably sulk and feel like crap for a while. I might consider dating her in the future, if I still had those feelings for her and I wasn't in a relationship myself.

    If this happened to you and the guy who never made a move is the one you like better, why don't you just tell him your true feelings?

    • Because I'm a coward haha
      I think he likes me but not to sure because he's a family friend and might just be comfortable flirting with me? He also jokes a lot so I'm not sure when he's serious or not lol
      I feel like if I come out to him, if he doesn't reciprocate, it'll make things very awkward.
      Plus there's this amazing guy who has pursued me during this whole time and he's a good guy so I'm thinking of giving him a shot but I'm scared to do so because of first guy lol

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    • Ahhh I guess I need to put my big girl pants on lol I'm just not used to this. Most men do the chasing and always confess to me first. I also get very confused because what if he's doing " the chase" and I ruin it lol I've heard men like the chase and get quite turned off when the girl brings up the talk lol

    • And thanks for this conversation, its much needed lol

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  • I don't think he would care. If he cares he would have made a move m.


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