Men: Why is the female body known as "sexy" and "beautiful"?

"A woman's body is beautiful" and "there's something so sensual about a woman's body" are what I hear often.

There are statues built of naked women, paintings of naked women, and a lot of photographers take pictures of naked women because it's beautiful.

But why? Any opinions on why the female body is generally known as sexy and artistic?


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  • well, guys tend to find girls sexy, and apparently girls find guys attractive too...(apparently, I've had little luck) but then you get some people who prefer the best of both worlds, or some who like the same sex, or those who find donkeys sexy! or then those people who don't really like anyone, all i'm saying is that some guys find girls sexy and beautiful, and some women too, and because of this, they've made paintings and taken photos, and even built statues, because we as a race are driven to see the beauty of our own people, and we celebrate that in expressing our feelings in our culture and the diversity of that, which makes our race truly beautiful, and really shows us who we are and who we can be, that's why we find it beautiful, because it's who we are.


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  • great question. im curious as well

    • ya, it's just used so often in art and seen as a temple of sorts. Plus, men get turned on just looking at a woman's body.

      must be something special? lol

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    • like i get that they make great pillows cuz i used to lie on my mom's as a kid, but aside from that... no clue

    • There doesn't seem to be anything very sexy about lumps of fat.. maybe that's just me.

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  • Not sure. It's just a cultural thing I think. Female physical beauty just gets a lot of appreciation

  • Because who doesn't like tits ands pussy I do and the woman body is a art created by god and its amazing and very interesting...

  • If we were indifferent toward them, our species would die out. Since we aren't indifferent, we like to look at women. No more complicated than that.

  • Don't just direct your question at women. Women find the female form very sexy too.

    There is no answer to this other than human nature.

    • your answer makes no sense.

      don't direct it at women? women find the female body sexy? Ya, I know. Try and follow the bouncing ball haha

    • My mistake... I meant to say men. No need to be a cunt about it though.

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