Shy girl likes shy guy and now I'm confused. Anyone kind enough to help?

So I'm a junior in high school and there's this guy in my AP US class and he sits right in front of me. The class is so clumped together that I could wrap my arms around him. Okay well he's a decently shy guy and last week, we had to choose our courses for next year so we had free time. I was giving my friend (who sits next to me, diagonally behind him) advice for AP Bio and he asked me who I had andbasically that started a 40 minute conversation until my teacher decided to lecture again. We really clicked and he laughed a few times. However last class, he didn't say anything to me, but when I passed my quiz up, he paused to look at it before he passed my quiz up. Anyways, he kept leaning back comfortably into his chair and I was leanin forward so we were almost touching. And he kept stretching too. I don't know I feel tension between us. Yet he tends to jump into convos I'm having with my friend (one sitting next to me) when she brings something up but never when I bring something up :/ Today in class, I asked him for help on a lab for AP Bio and he seemed like he was happy to help although he explained it 3 times and I still didn't get it. So at the end of class I just said "hey, can you text me the bio stuff, I stil don't get stuff from it" and then he asked "which question?" and he looked like he wanted to help me right away but we had to leave for our next class so he said alright, sure. Then he started to walk away then paused and said he doesn't think he has my number, and gave me his phone however he let me type in his number on the send bar, NOT the contacts list so I thought he would text me right away... But he didn't and it's been 12 hours almost. Is he just not interested or did he genuinely forget? Do you think he saved me contact info cause it was just there...
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  • Well, it is hard to say as he could just be friendly and he is able to click with you. At the very least he wants to be friends, but I don't see much of anything that indicates he wants something more. If he does he hides it well.


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