Guys offline whenever I online or typing.. What's that mean?

So.. I met with a guy in meow chat. We've been texting for a while now. But I've notice, everytime I online or typing my message for him, he suddenly offline. Then he will reply my text like 5 hours later. It really make me curious! Is he avoiding me or something? Or is that mean he's not interested to texting with me?
I really need your opinion about this..


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  • Are you doing this at the same time of day every time?

    For example, do you go online at 5 pm every time to talk to him? Maybe he's busy at that time.

    Stop texting him, let him start texting from now on. If he doesn't text you, it should be very clear then.

    • No, he always text me whenever I go to school or in the middle of the night. Example: he text me at 10 O'clock then I'll reply his text at 17 00, after school. Then he will reply my text at 22 00. But im still busy that time, so I online back like 10 minutes later. Then, when I was typing to reply to his text I looked at his last online: 1 minute ago which is the time im typing my text. Then he will reply my text at 24 00.

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