Not sure if he likes me?

Okay there's this guy I like, and I think he likes me.. not quite sure. I have a lot of things saying he does, and things saying he doesn't.. he is very shy and I am too.
But the other day I was sitting with my friend in class, and my crush was behind me. She said "don't you think (my name) is pretty?" And then apparently he started smiking and blushing, and she was like "omg you're blushing" and he was like "no I'm not.." And trying to hide his face. She was texting me the whole time saying he was blushing in all caps XD. And then at lunch my friend sat with my crush and his friend and my friend told me that he kept staring at me.. :3 but other days he pretends like I'm not there, and when I'm with a friend, he always looks at them and avoids eye contact with me. :/ what do you guys think? Thanks
Oh yeah also, the whole time I was looking somewhere else because I didn't want to embarrass him, so I dont know if my friend was telling the truth or not, even tho I asked her and she told me he was definitely blushing. And I did hear laughing and stuff and his arm hitting the desk (probably trying to hide his face.) thanks for reading. Hope this made sense


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  • Your friend could potentially be telling the truth, but he doesn't want to make it obvious and so he pretends that he's not into you even if he is. Best of Luck!


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