I just joined this site tonight and I don't know if my question posted?

It was about a guy I met online? He said I was beautiful and sexy. Than he tells me that I fit his criteria, that I'm nice and pretty but he only wants a casual friendship. What's he precisely mean by that? He is also ten years younger than I am.
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  • This one posted, lol! I saw the other one. I guess he likes older women. Personally I think it's pointless if he doesn't want to date to eventually get marry.


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  • I'm 28 and I have aspergers syndrome. Why don't you understand something like this yet?

    • I was engaged for 5 years until I broke it off close to two years ago. I have not been dating since than.
      I was hoping the terminology had changed.
      P. s I asked for advice not an asshole like you, but thank you anyway

    • Don't get mad that I tell you the truth. You should be mad at every asshole who lied to you before me. You should have better judgement by your age. Work on it for your own sake.

      My sister is a year younger than you are and she understands this better, and she has Aspergers too. Work on being a better judge of character for your own sake. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from it.

      You can hate me if you want to, but I still wish you'd follow my advice anyway to save yourself from any potential future pain

  • It was posted. I saw it but never left an opinion.


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