Why would a guy be rude to a girl who tries to talk to him?

Well rude is maybe kinda the wrong word. He just doesn't talk to me.

I roughly know this guy from class and we're going to intern for the same company over the summer. So I figured it'd be nice to get to know him a little.
He is a bit quiet and shy so I started the conversation, but I just don't get much back. He replies in short answers, looks away and tries to engage his friend in the conversation, which would be fine if he would still say something occasionally but he doesn't.

I get along pretty well with some of his friends so even when I talk to them around him, he never says something. He's just generally kinda cold

Why does he not want to talk to me? What did I ever do to him?


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  • He might be bothered by sth else in his life and he's not in talk mood or he doesn't like you at all and wants to get rid of you.

    • that's kinda the thing tho, he doesn't have a reason to not like me. I hardly know him

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  • What people do to you, is not a reflection of you. Some people just don't want to converse with certain people, it sounds like it's personal I doubt it though, but then again it could be maybe he just isn't sure on how to talk to you, some people enjoy talking to new people, some don't, and like to keep to themselves, why? Not too sure, maybe in the summer both of you will start talking if you're going to be around each other all the time.


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  • Don't take it personally. He is probably really shy and also it just one of things. Some people just don't talk to everyone in their class. You haven't done anything wrong so don't worry. Perhaps when you are around him more he will become more comfortable around you. It does take time to get to know new people and some people find it harder to talk to new people than it is for others.

  • He might think u like him in that way and doesn't want u to think he likes u back. Don't bother talking to him anymore


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