Does he likes me?

So this guy classmate of mine (we're both 19) ignores me before but now, he's really showing me some attention. He's like always telling me that I'm pretty (though in a joking manner.. I don't know if he's serious or not cos he just say it randomly sometimes when there's a few people around only say, my friends or his only).. then 1 time, we had this class proj. wherein we have to sell foods. He bought foods ONLY from us almost everyday and when 1 of our classmates why didn't he bought some from them, a friend of mine said that it's because of me then suddenly he turned red and never ever again buy foods from us.. also he follows all the things i say. We were groupmates b4 and i was the leader. i told my grp we'll meet at 9am but i was expecting them to be late (I was late too.) but he showed up earlier than 9 that made me guilty for i was late.. also last time we had a night out (it was first night out with my classmates). I was shock that he was with us and he seemed to be very bored and sleepy the whole time that he really wanna go home. However, he was staying near to me (but he never dared talk to me) even though his friends were away from us, showing like he's looking after me.. He was like watching me not to drink too much.

BUT, there was this rumor that he likes this other girl in our class and every time, he was teased with her, he turns red (I'm also teasing him.) And he also admitted to me before that he thinks that girl is really beautiful.. and he never mentioned that he finds me beautiful during our conversation.

We never talked seriously but I catch him looking at me sometimes.. i am bothered whether if he's using me to get the girl jealous but when he compliments me, the girl is not around.
He's also like commenting on every photos I posted on fb with this "<3"


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  • He kind of sounds like me. He almost definitely likes you and is just being shy. Also, he might have/had a crush on the other girl too. The real question is: do you like him?

  • "Does he likes me?"



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