Potential the rebound girl or I am the rebound girl... ?

I met this guy seven months ago and was interested in him but he had a gf so I didn't pursue it. After four months, him and his girl separated and we started talking more; flirting and such. Then we both ended up in different relationships but still maintained a friendship. My relationship ended over two months ago and he had been talking about him wanting out of his because they just weren't compatible... different morals. She ended up cheating on him and that hurt his ego regardless if he planned on ending it soon anyways...

Now we've been talking more and hanging out often. His relationship ending is still fresh for him. We spent Valentine's day weekend together, from Friday night all the way through Monday day... Valentine's day we were with a group of my girlfriends.

We have been intimate... He knows that I would like to move next year and has a son so he couldn't move... ever. He calls us friends with benefits but the benefits aren't there anymore because neither of us have a place to go for the "benefits". I live with my mother still while attending school and working full time and he care for his mother so he too lives with his.

So here is my dilemma... I feel like I am a rebound still because he made plans with me to go to dinner and bowling... He refuses to let me pay and texts me every day. We have a lot in common but I am just stuck as to how to maintain our friendship and not let things get out of hand.


Valentines Day

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Valentines Day