Why do guys sometimes feel the need to talk to a random girl to justify their if their feelings for one they like are true?

A giy who seemed really into me was tslking to another girl amd when i confronted him he said he had shitty relationships before me and was scared of what he was feeling for me and talked to another girl to make sure his feelings were real for me


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  • Well I smell bullshit but I would need more info... It's is possible he likes both of u and that response was quick thinking because it would potentially not hurt u so much to hear " it's him not you" type of answer. But use caution when proceeding

    • They never hungout or talked about hanging out (when i found the texts i read all of them). It was more flirty texting. But he introduced me to all his friends and his family since then. But now im very insecure about things as I dint feel good enough. I just need to know if what he said could really be honest

    • Give him a chance. Better for have love and lost than to not love at all

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  • To me, that sounds like a BS excuse. You're either into someone or you're not. And if he is, maybe he's a player kinda guy. Real men don't act like that.

    • I failed to mention that this awful act was dome to me 2 months into our relationship. Its now going on 3yrs. But I still womder why on occasion

    • You did fail to mention this. Sounds like you two might need a serious heart to heart my friend

  • He thinks that he is "playing it safe"... probably too scared to commit.

    • So what should. I do now? He told her he didmt want to talk to her anymore after i confronted him

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    • Is that a good sign that he was in fact being honest

    • Yes, I believe it is.

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