Help me please?

I've been dating this guy for two months then became official after the six months. there is no doubt he loves me and i him. he does everything a boyfriend does, and i cannot ask for a better boyfriend. his friends know me. i know them. he doesn't hide his phone, he keeps me in tact with all his schedule things etc.
about four months ago, his grandma passed away and she practically raised him, so he's been depressed before. he has the constant legal battle with his aunts and uncles because his grandma left him her house. he is also unemployed cuz he's been dealing with family stuff. we met on Valentine's day and he has been down with a terrible cold (like to the point where he sleeps all day and thats possible for him!) and headache.. we kinda texted in between from the 15th and we haven't talked at all in two days since we also have chinese new year stuck (he has informed me that he wanted to rest and get cured by himself and he's told me that his aunts and uncles would come over to his place and possibly argue a lot).
he said he was sorry that i kept seeing him in such mental and physical states and we haven't spoken or texted for two whole days! im wondering.. what should i do? he didn't exactly say he wanted to be alone. so what should i do?


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  • Tell him that you love him and you don't care if he is sick and in mental distress. Tell him you know that if you were like this he would take care of you and you want to take care of him. If he justs wants to sleep that is fine let him sleep, be quiet and when he wakes up fix him some chicken soup or something. He sounds like a great guy and would probably do the same for you if he could.

    Much of society, especially women (not all but too many), regard seeing a man as sad or sick that he isn't a real man or is somehow subhuman. I myself have lost many gfs after a bout of sadness, because that makes me "clingy" somehow but not when they are sad though...

    But I digress, that is just why he doesn't want you to see him like that, if you show him that you are NOT one of those women who sees being sad or sick as a weakness, believe me he will love and treasure you even more!


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  • Give him support, remind him of how you feel about him, tell him that you'll support him through this. Stop by his house and drop off food, something he likes. And then ask him if he wants you to stay, if not, then respect that and hug him and leave. If he wants you to stay, take very very good care of him.
    He's mourning right now, and people mourn in their own way. But what he needs right now is support, knowing that you have his back through this could help him a lot. Be there for him. That's the best thing you can do right now, to remind him of good things, be there for him and help him out any way you can :)