Why does he lie about things that are pointless to lie about?

I am really confused. I really like this guy but he seems to lie to me and I don't understand why because he lies about stuff you don't need to lie about. For example, we both work together and his best friend works with us too. I found out that a girl that was in one of my classes knew his best friend and I thought since they were friends that he would know her too but when I asked him about her, he said he didn't know who she was. But when I went on Twitter, I found that they are friends and it seems like he took her to prom a couple years ago. Another example is when I was talking to him and I told him that I don't drink or smoke or do anything, he said that he didn't either. However, again on his Twitter I saw that he retweeted something about drinking and smoking.

Why do you think that he does this?


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  • Many people are pathological liars.


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  • He may be a pathalogical liar. They usually tell pointless lies. The only thing they gain by lying is control. They feel in control when they lie. Most people who lie, actually lie for a reason, even if it's to deceive or manipulate someone.

    Pathalogical liars lie when they don't have a reason to lie. For example they may say they had fish for Dinner, but they didn't, they had Soup. If he is a pathalogical liar avoid him at all costs, he'll have you confused , and he will end up making you feel like you are going insane. He will constantly play mind games with you.

    • Thanks for taking the time and describing what a pathological liar is. I always thought that a pathological liar believes that what they are telling you is the truth, they don't realize they are lying. Your description really helped me understand what a pathological liar is.

    • A pathalogical liar knows he/ she is lying, they also know that sometimes people know they are lying. It's all about control
      You're welcome!

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