Girls, how important is for you that a guy knows how to handle his finances?

Question is self explanatory, how important is to you that a guy can handle his finances (aka pays his bills, rent/mortgage on time, is not broke all the time because blew it all on beer last Friday etc.)
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This also applies to teens, maybe not blew it all on beer/do not pay rent yet but there's no minimum age to keeping track of your finances.
Remember that irresponsible kid may grow to be an irresponsible adult.


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  • I think it's important to know that a guy can take care of himself, and likes his independence, doesn't need to rely on other people to help him. It also depends on the age, but from teens, people in general should have some experience in paying for things, and they just grow as they become more independent and older. If a guy can't handle that, then I'd ask what went wrong.

    • Actually, I'm not talking about pure independence. For example, I've always been good handling my money ever since my allowance was a couple of kroner. My sister on the other hand, if she's got a cent in her hand she'll look for a way to get rid of it.

    • So she's likes instant gratification, as you think ahead, and it's honestly the smartest way, if you don't need to buy anything, don't buy it. Its common sense haha, it's good that you have will power.

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  • Depends on his job situation, if he's paying off school loans, has a shitty job but looking for something better. Finances are going to be hard. If he has a shitty job, has no/to little debt, has no idea how to save up, it's a deal breaker.

    • That's completely different. You can have a shitty job and still be responsible. Example, job is shitty, pay is low. Buy a beer instead of 5 if you know you'll need money for gas.

    How could I take you seriously or even consider blending my finances with yours or having children with you if you can't be trusted to balance a checkbook, make responsible decisions, and provide by making sure the house and utilities are up to date.
    Money comes and goes but the ability to use it effectively is priceless.

  • 100% Important.

    Responsability is really important to me, people who are irresponsible and disorganized piss me off and stress me. Like, really.

  • Broke due to beer? Not responsible enough. Try harder. ( B )

    • That was just an example, maybe he didn't drink it all but it's the kind that buys rounds for everyone.

      I have a cousin like that, blows it all buying for all his friends. Tho any other time he's broke.

    • I couldn't stand that. It's different not having enough money because of crisis and not having enough money because he spent it on something that is far away from necessary!

  • Very important... If a guy can take care of his finances it shows what a responsible person he is.

  • I answer kinda important because, I myself make small mistakes when it comes to my finances. I ALWAYS pay my bills first, but sometimes buy something then have buyers remorse for it. It is extremely attractive when a man has his life together.


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