What are his intentions?

So your dating someone for a good while and everything is great. No problems or issues and even know 100% you both love each other so it's not even a question. Why would your bf bring up out of the blue a 3some? Is it to get a reaction to see how you will respond or test your feelings toward him? Knowing it's not something you would ever want to do and of course all guys seem to have that fantasy. If he drops the issue after you made your point and gets quiet is that because he cares and realizes it bothers you even if you don't say it does?

He knows I love him and am very good towards him and we just have that amazing click. I can't understand why it would even be brought up other than to get a reaction. He's not one to express feelings however when he does, I know it is coming from him and not just something he would randomly say. Do guys have a hard time processing how their gf feels towards them?


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  • He probably brought it up because he is genuinely interested in having one. He left it alone because he knew you wasn't up for it.


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