My crush has been acting different ever since?

Is along strong I won't explain to much, but I will make an example:

For instance, theirs a guy that keeps staring at a girl, everyday and it's been going on for 5months. You notice he keeps staring so one day you catch his eye, you continue making eye contact because you're trying to figure out why does this dude keep staring at you. So one day you catch him staring at you while you're back was turned, but you turned around at that moment and catched him in his act. in the 5th month now, you're walking with a close friend and you guys are about to walk pass you're crush, suddenly as you attempt to walk by you're crush, you're close friend pushes you on purpose so you can bump into you're crush, you mistakenly tilt near you're crush almost bumping into him. Suddenly you say "oh my goodness I'm going to get you next time!". And you guys both start laughing. While you're crush is with his friends walking pass you after that situation happened, you're close friend looks back and says they were looking back.

Now you walk to class everyday, You're crush stands in an area with his friends. Usually when he see's you he would stare but you always keep you're head straight because you're nervous, but you see from the corner of you're eyes. now all of a sudden that situation happens, whenever he see's you, he looks down on his phone.

Elaborate , what you think this situation means.
There is a lot of error, pardon me for that.

First part: this is a long story
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What Guys Said 1

  • If you knew I was around and I started looking at you, then you pulled your phone out and started using it and avoided looking at me you were,

    a. shy
    b. intimidated
    c. wondering if I liked you
    d. you like me
    e. wanting me to leave you alone
    f. waiting for me to make a move

    Choose one or more answers or add your own and that is most likely his reasons too.

    • Thank you so much Sir, I appreciate it.

    • 👏👏👏👏 great answer!.

    • You're welcome. Women have done this to me and it is a combo of a, b, c & d. When they want me to make a move they will hold my gaze and I'll do the rest. This guy is now shy of you because he likes you. If you want him to make a move hold his gaze, smile, say his name even when he is avoiding eye contact and act like you are happy to be around him. He'll match your behaviour in no time.

What Girls Said 2

  • He's wondering who u are

    • Can you explain what do you mean by that please

    • Well before the incident he never noticed you, he wants to know who you are, or where he's seen you

    • Lol I think you probably read it wrong, try reading from the top, and stop at where it says 5months.

  • This is happening to me!! I really don't know what to do. It's so hard to understand... Sorry I can't give you any advice but if I get some ill try to give you some!


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